José R. Gomera

Practice Areas

José Ramón concentrates his practice in the area of litigation, especially in matters of civil, commercial and labor law.


With more than thirty years in legal practice, José Ramón has had the opportunity to deal with various branches of law such as real estate, administrative-contentious law, civil liability, commercial law and criminal matters, with considerable experience in civil and contractual liability litigation, especially in the area of medical liability, which has led him to be responsible for the defense of the vast majority of clinical centers and doctors of such institutions. He is currently representing roughly 35% of all cases that are being brought nationally on this matter.

At the corporate level, he has been a part of the creation and incorporation of countless companies of all kinds, even the creation of companies such as the Financial Intermediation and Exchange Institutions; and obtaining the authorization to operate as an agent of exchange and agent of remittances and change. He has also been involved in countless contract registration processes related to Law No. 173-66 on Protection of Agents Importers of Goods and Products.

José Ramón Gomera was legal counsel for 17 years of a business group joining several leading companies in the country, dedicated to the import and distribution of agricultural equipment, construction, generation, transport, machinery implements, sale of spare parts and services, representing different lines. For more than 10 years, he was also an active member of the staff of lawyers representing a leading company in the country providing security services in all aspects. Through his extensive professional practice, he has also been legal advisor for over 25 years, of several leading companies in the country in the field of constructions and large scale structures, such as buildings, roads, tunnels and overpasses.

What distinguishes José Ramón Gomera from other lawyers in that he has practiced the law throughout the Dominican territory. He has appeared before virtually every court in the country, which gives him an unrivalled advantage in handling cases.

Education and publications

He holds a Law Degree from the prestigious Law School of Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña (UNPHU). He holds a master’s degree in Political Science, concentration in Polytology, from the prestigious Faculty of Legal and Political Science, Political Science Department of Pedro Henríquez Ureña National University (UNPHU). In the latter, Mr. Gomera obtained Cum Laude honors.

He also keeps up to date regarding national laws, participating in seminars, conferences and diplomas relevant to his practice. Mr. Gomera has attended seminars such as ‘Update to the New Code of Criminal Procedure’ (2004), and he obtained a Diploma in Civil Procedure (2010).

Affiliations and credentials

José Gomera has been an active member of the Dominican Bar Association since 1989.

Free time

His fondness for sport, such as Tennis, Baseball, Basketball, Volleyball, etc., have led him to be a leader and member of sports clubs, he likes family integration, enjoys the beauty of natural resources, lover of life, in short, live life in total fullness.