Luis M. Rivas

Practice Areas

Luis Rivas focuses his practice on litigation in the Dominican Republic, from all its angles. Represents national and international clients in arbitration, labor law, civil and commercial lawsuits, contentious – tax procedures, environmental claims, corporate and administrative responsibility disputes, real estate, family and inheritances processes, as well as in criminal and constitutional lawsuits.


Luis Rivas has already left an imprint on the Dominican legal world by inspiring judicial milestones such as the Constitutional Amparo Action in the Dominican Republic and the Unconstitutionality of the Principle of “Solve et Répète” (Previous Payment) in Dominican tax law; and through his intervention and experience in momentous civil, commercial, tax, criminal, real estate, consumer law and competition, constitutional, municipal cases, as well as contracts and administrative concessions in the country. He has participated in tenders of the Dominican State, purchases of goods and services and in contentious-administrative cases against the Dominican State.
Throughout his professional career he has accrued vast experience with high-profile cases including litigating in the Arbitration Court of the Chamber of Commerce and Production of Santo Domingo defending a company producing Rum and other spirits; representing an Asian bank in a millionaire collection case in the Dominican Republic; and representing the president of one of the largest commercial banks in the country as the defense in a fraud case.

Luis Rivas has litigated four important arbitration cases against the Dominican State, including landmark cases regarding freedom of expression and press rights. He has also led significant cases in the application of safeguard measures against mass imports and under DR-CAFTA. He has been involved in different areas of litigation, supported by the Dominican jurisprudence, working criminal cases in matters of economic and banking law, environmental disputes in the mining area, matters regarding distribution contracts, and medical malpractice cases.

Education and Publications

Luis Rivas holds a Law Degree by Universidad Nacional Pedro Henríquez Ureña, in Santo Domingo in 1985, and has issued several publications within which are:

  • The Principle of Unconstitutionality of the “Solve et Répète”
  • The “Amparo” in the Dominican Republic
  • Controversial aspects of the check in the Dominican Republic
  • Application of the Labor Code
  • Conventional Evidence Regulations in Civil Law

Affiliations & Credentials

Luis Rivas is an active member of the Dominican Bar Association, as well as the Mexican Chamber of Commerce.